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April 4-5, 2011- KRH Participates in the first “Oil & Gas Exhibition”
March 22, 2011- KRH Receives Appreciation Award From ABCK
February 27, 2011- KRH Sponsors ABCK’s 26th Anniversary
February 25-26, 2011- KRH Celebrates Kuwait National & Liberation Days
February 21, 2011- KRH Signs a New Contract With SPS-Qatar
February 11, 2011- KRH Participates in Group Spring Camp 2011
January 2011- KRH Successfully Renews Trace Membership
December 27, 2010- KBOSSS Job Fair 2010
December 10,2010- KRH sponsors ABCK Christmas party
November 25, 2010- KRH sponsors AUSA Thanksgiving
November 23, 2010- KRH Launches facebook Page & YouTube Account
November 23, 2010 – KRH sponsors ABCK Thanksgiving
October 28, 2010 – A KRH Gathering Event
October 13, 2010 - KRH Celebrates Onam 13th Festival
October 15, 2010 – New cricket outfit and kit to captain and team
October 14, 2010 - New contract signed with Millbrook Painting Services Ltd
September 2010 – KRH Sponsors to AUSA’s 2010 Freedom Walk
September 2010 – KRH contribution towards AUSA National Convention
September 2010 – The British Business Forum and Canadian Commercial Circle Membership
July 2010 – The BIZZ Award
July 2010 - Birth of the KRH Newsletter
July 2010 - APS-5 Sub-contract signed between ITT Industries and Kuwait Resources House
KRH -Job Fair 2010
April 2010 – Australian College of Kuwait (ACK) Job Fair
FORWARD – Recruitment FORUM Lebanon
KRH celebrated the ABC-K 25th Anniversary
KRH Celebrated the 12th Onam Festival Event
KRH, was honored to sponsor a US army marathon event on August 4, 2009.
KRH, Welcomed the Indian Ambassador and his first secretary at one of its Accommodation Camps
April 2009 - Center of Career Services & Alumni (CCSA) of Gulf University of Science and Technology welcomed local and foreign companies for the Spring 2009 Job Fair.
March 2009 - KRH sponsored Service Member Appreciation Banquet organized by AUSA.
April 2009 – The Commercial Services Section of the American Embassy, Kuwait awarded KRH a Certificate of Appreciation
March 2009- Indian Overseas Ministry welcomes KRH, a subsidiary of Beyout Investment Group
March 2009 - KRH's Desert Camping Event 2009
March 2009 - KRH is now certified for “International Organization for Standardization” and “International Occupational Health and Safety Management Standards”
April 2009 - KRH is pleased to announce the opening of a new branch in Mumbai
February 2008 ITT Industries awarded KRH Finance Team with Certificate Of Appreciation
March 2008 - KRH’s contract with Northrop Grumman in Kuwait was renewed for the 6th year.
June 2008 - KRH’s contract with ITT Industries in support of TACSWACAA project in Kuwait was renewed for the 4th year.
June 2008 - KRH became a member of Association of the United States Army.
July 2008 - KRH’s contract with The Logistics Company (TLC) in Kuwait was renewed for the 6th year.
July 2008 - KRH’s contract with ITT Industries in support of MEO project in Kuwait was renewed for the 5th year.
September 2008 - KRH’s contract with CSA in Kuwait was renewed for the 10th year.
October 2008 - Internal Auditor for ISO 9001:2000 and OHSAS- 18001:2007
November 2008 - KRH’s contract with L3 in Kuwait was renewed for the 4th year.
November 2008 - KRH volunteered to be one of the sponsors for Gulf University of Science and Technology job fare.
November 2008 - KRH participated in Corporate Exhibition Opportunities Event.
December 2008 - KRH’s contract with ITT Industries.
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