CEO Keynote

Businesses today are faced with challenges in both the public and private sectors, hindering their ability to complete their missions and projects timely, efficiently and at the profit levels they desire. Fast-paced change has become the new global norm, making the demands of businesses change constantly and rapidly.

Therefore, the gap widened between employers and the global pool of human resources, whom in turn raised the bar for their financial and life conditions requirements, reacting to the rising demand for professional and highly productive workforce.

KRH had the lead in forecasting these factors early enough in the GCC market back in 1991. Which allowed us to develop our unique and fully integrated logistic services model; “Human Resources Solutions and Life Support Services”, through which we serve a wide spectrum of industries in both the public and private sectors.

We witnessed a boom in the demand for our services locally and regionally, which was the driver for a major change and restructuring plan, and as a result, KRH today is globally built to serve your local missions and projects with excellence.

Therefore, we are continuously changing and developing our services and human resources to serve your business with agility and excellence.