What are the legal requirements for an employer?

The employer must be:

  • A legal entity registered in the Chamber of Commerce of the country of operation.
  • A licensed member of any agency that is needed to allow the employer to conduct business.
  • Able to hire local manpower to contribute to the Government’s programs for encouraging local nationals’ employment.
  • Able to demonstrate commitment with all local Immigration and Labor laws when required to submit documentation or undergo an audit.


What are the local laws that protect the labor community?

  • Kuwait Labor Law (2006)
  • Ministerial Decree No. 199 (2010) on Specifications of Manpower Housing.
  • Legal protocols between Kuwait and countries of manpower represented on its land (administered through the respective embassies).
  • National entities concerned with the application of International Human Rights and Combatting Trafficking in Persons.


How does employment law affect employers and employees?

  • It provides a shared platform for balanced compliance between duties and rights of each party.
  • It protects employees’ rights against employers who violate the law by allowing the opportunity for fair litigation under the jurisdiction of local laws.
  • It protects the employer from employees who violate their Employment Agreements and attempt to deprive the employer from the right for a fair contribution with the agreed time, effort and skills.

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