What is a facility inspection checklist?

It is a list of all the areas that will be inspected, including its sub-areas and could extend to cover the items included in each area. 


How is a facility inspection conducted?


What are the types of safety inspection?

A Safety inspection is either internal or external

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What is security in facilities management

Security in Facilities Management include, but is not limited to, the following activities:


What are the main goals of facility security management?


How can you have good facility security management?

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What are soft services in facilities management?


What is housekeeping in facilities management?

Housekeeping takes care of all the activities inside an apartment or office or even a common/shared area, such as:


Is cleaning part of facility management

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What is included in periodic maintenance service?

In a periodic maintenance of a facility, the following are the main items checked:


What are the benefits of periodic maintenance?


What is the difference between periodic and out of cycle maintenance?

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What are the legal requirements for an employer?

The employer must be:


What are the local laws that protect the labor community?


How does employment law affect employers and employees?

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What is employment immigration compliance?

This refers to the activities that each employer must do and documents that must be maintained in order to ensure that the employment process is in full compliance to local immigration laws and that each employee is able to work legally in Kuwait (or whatever Host Country may be), without issues to the employee or the employer.

What is a common immigration compliance risk?

A common immigration compliance risk is delaying the renewal of an employee’s work permit or residency, thus leaving the employee without a legal status in the country, not to mention if the employee goes to work while he is out of status.

What is a compliance issue at work?

A compliance issue that is common at work for some employers is the delay in paying employees’ salaries, or, even worse, not paying them at all for extended periods of time, while continuing to require them to work every day as usual. This exposes the employee to a “Trafficking in Persons” situation that is created by the employer’s lack of commitment to immigration and labor laws.

What is the compliance checklist?

The compliance checklist could contain, but is not limited to, the following items:

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What documents are employers required to keep

In order to open a Labor file, employers need to present a list of documents including the project to be executed, the Commercial Registration documents, Authorized Signatory and log the positions required online.

What documents are required for employee payroll

Employees obtain an offer letter when still in their home country and are given an Employment Agreement when they reach Kuwait. Once the employee is in Kuwait, the Onboarding program takes care of the necessary steps needed to register the employee in the Payroll system of KRH.

How long should employees’ files be kept?

Employee files should be kept for at least 6 years after they have departed Kuwait.

Do employee files need to be locked up?

Yes, employee files need to be kept within limited access by HR or other authorized Auditing agencies and parties.

Can employees request and see their HR files?

Yes, if an employee has a specific request to review or update the content of his employment file, he/she can do so with the help of a Human Resources Representative.

What is legally required in a personnel file

The minimum requirements in a personnel file are:

Does an employer have to give you a copy of your contract?

Yes, absolutely, the employer must provide the employee with a copy of the Employment Agreement that is in Arabic, English and in the native language of the employee as well.


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What are the different types of visa sponsorships in Kuwait?

In Kuwait, there’s a Temporary Visit Visa, known as “Commercial Visit Visa (14C)”, which enable the visitor to conduct work for a limited period of time. However, if the visitor will need to be working in Kuwait for a longer period of time (more of a permanent nature, he will processed for a Work Visa, known as Visa 18. Additionally, there are other types of visas for Family Sponsorship, Home Maids and Ministry of Defense visas


What is the eligibility for getting a sponsorship visa in Kuwait?

If a candidate succeeds in obtaining a valid employment offer from a Kuwaiti employer, the latter will begin the procedures of sponsoring the former in Kuwait, with a Visa 18 (Permanent Work Visa). However, if the expat will only be visiting for a temporary period of time, he will be also sponsored by a Kuwaiti entity for a temporary Commercial Visit Visa, known as 14C.


What documents are required to obtain a sponsorship visa in Kuwait?

Usually, ID documents, educational qualifications, medical check and police clearance, in addition to recent photos, are the minimum documents required for a Kuwaiti company/sponsor to begin the procedures of sponsoring an expat whether on a temporary basis (visa 14C), or on a permanent basis (visa 18).


How will KRH help in obtaining, approving and processing the above documents for sponsorship?

KRH has a full-fledged department with highly experienced staff that undertakes the process from A-Z. Once KRH Sponsorship team is informed of a visa requirement (whether a temporary Visa 14C or a permanent Visa 18), they will communicate with the candidate to guide him/her every step of the way, until the visa is issued and sent back to the candidate, to carry with him/her prior to boarding the flight to Kuwait.


What are the stages of obtaining a sponsorship visa (from application to meet and greet)?

The steps are:


What is a work visa and an iqama?


What is an employment offer to obtain a work visa?


What are the requirements from both sides (the employer and the employee) to obtain a sponsorship?

o   Educational qualifications required for the position applied for

o   ID documents

o   Clear Medical records

o   Police clearance from the home country

What is the role of the Ministry of Social Affairs & Labor in obtaining a sponsorship?

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor undertakes the following responsibilities:

What is the role of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in obtaining a work visa?

 What is the role of the Kuwaiti Embassy in obtaining a work visa?

When a candidate has obtained an employment offer, the Kuwaiti Embassy must check the following for correctness and accuracy:

Once that is checked and verified, it is mailed back to the candidate to continue the processing of his/her visa.


What is the role of the Ministry of Interior in obtaining a work permit and NOC?


What is an NOC?


Medical Examinations before entry to Kuwait?


Does a company have to offer health insurance for all employees?

Yes, as per Kuwaiti Labor Law, and also any other Labor Law in any of the countries we operate, a Government medical coverage is mandatory.


Why do companies buy life insurance on employees?

Companies that appreciate the importance of its human capital, buy life insurance for employees. 


Is life insurance mandatory for all employees?

Life insurance is not mandatory for employees. However, KRH provides life insurance as an added benefit to all its direct staff and project employees alike as a token of appreciation to their important role as valued KRH family members.

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What is the process of travel for new hires?

The process of travel for new hires, includes making the required reservations to enable them to fly from their country of origin to the country where their work will be located. It is usually part of the benefits given to any new hire. 


Why is it important to hire a travel management company?

KRH has its own Travel Agency that is integrated into our business model. This is important because it enables KRH to plan travel for all its employees seamlessly, whether it is a first time mobilization, vacation travel or end of service demobilization to the country of origin. The company can usually benefit from mass-reservations in terms of availability and better pricing of tickets.

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