What is security in facilities management

Security in Facilities Management include, but is not limited to, the following activities:

  • Keeping a 24/7 guard service for all entry and exit point of a facility.
  • Maintaining a 24/7 surveillance for internal and external areas of a facility through a competent system (Cameras and recording capability).
  • Handling and reporting any facility Security violations whether by tenants or external parties.


What are the main goals of facility security management?

  • Maintaining safety in each building
  • Protecting each building from possible threats or hazards
  • Providing assurance for tenants of the level of Security that is provided in their residence.


How can you have good facility security management?

  • Security guards must be healthy and aware.
  • Security team must be trained on handling both regular and difficult situations.
  • Surveillance systems must be up to date, and well maintained
  • Surveillance systems must cover all vital areas that could represent a Security threat.
  • Surveillance systems must be well attended daily.
  • Security threats must be observed, analyzed and addressed promptly to avoid a threat from becoming a reality.

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