What is employee life cycle management?

Managing an employee’s life cycle refers to the activities that take place from the time a position is advertised, on to sourcing and recruiting, mobilizing to the country where the work will be conducted, and continues throughout the employment period, and until the employee eventually resigns or his/her contract is ended, then returned back to the country of origin.


What are the stages of the employee life cycle?

Those stages are:

  • Sourcing: Basically looking for the required talents and expertise in specific positions to staff an upcoming project
  • In-Country Visa Processing: All the activities and approvals needed inside the country of the candidate to obtain the correct visas needed for travel to the country where the work will be conducted.
  • Mobilization: Involves travel of the employee for the first time to the country where he/she will be working and a complete onboarding process.
  • Onboarding (Legalization and Normalization): All the activities that result in the employee’s obtainment of all local licenses, work permits and residency documents in addition to the required training and familiarization with the local laws, rules, regulations and culture-specific norms.
  • Employee Management: This includes managing all HR and ER related actions pertaining to each employee. For example, vacation requests, transfer from one work location to another, change of status, annual evaluation, disciplinary action, promotion, training, etc.
  • Out-processing: When the employee’s term of service comes to an end, KRH will properly close out the employee’s file after conducting all the exit-related action (exit interviews, end of service calculations and payment, cancellation of local residency and dispatch back to the country of origin).


What is the importance of employee life cycle?

The employee’s life cycle represents all the touch points between KRH and the employee, from point of interviewing and selection to the point of wishing the employee well after he/she has reached the end of their employment with KRH and are ready to proceed to the next endeavor.


Therefore, a well-identified and well-served employee life cycle constitutes a big difference between KRH and any other company in the market. It is one of the strength points we have proudly invested in throughout the years, and is why KRH is a preferred employer in any country we ever recruited from.

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