Why is global recruitment important?

Global recruiting expands the horizon for a company, to reach out and find qualified and talented calibers from around the globe. It therefore frees any company from being tied to local market only, while opens the door to creating that healthy mix between locally available talent and globally existing subject matter experts.


What is the process of global recruiting?

  • The process of global recruiting starts by determining the country(ies) that will be visited to hire the required staff for a specific project. Reasons for choosing a specific country or a number of countries could vary from availability of the required skills, to clients’ preference, including any legal elements that restrict use of a certain country’s talent resources.
  • Once a country is identified, our Recruiting Agency located in that country is communicated with a list of the required positions and the sourcing process begins.
  • When the agency has accumulated at least 300% of resumes for each required position, the remainder of the recruiting process takes place under KRH’s supervision, by either doing online interviews, or conducting a recruiting trip to conduct in-person interviews with the candidates.
  • Usually, online interviews are the preferred option when the number of required positions is small and the specific required expertise are not complicated in nature.
  • In-Person interviews are a must when required positions are of a highly technical nature and therefore require technical assessment and/or practical scenario simulations for proper testing of the candidate’s skills.

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How do you know if a global recruitment agency is legitimate?

KRH takes every possible measure to ensure its staffing agencies are legitimate and up the high standards of our clients. Ways of verifying legitimacy of a staffing agency could be:

  • Duly checking registrations, licenses and local commercial records that are specific to the conduct of business in the country where the staffing agency is located.
  • Checking the agency’s online footprint (website, social media accounts and reviews).
  • Local investigation in the country via asking locals (businesses and individuals) to see if there are any signs to worry about.
  • Verifying with our clients to ensure the staffing agency we’re about to sign a contract with is not on any “prohibited” list for any previous unethical business practices.


Can I trust global recruiters?

After verifying the legitimacy and reputation of a staffing agency, KRH continues to ensure its agencies are monitored for all recruiting actions that follow. This is a precautionary measure to ensure the specific rules and regulations that control the staffing agency agreement continue to be upheld.


This usually takes place by interviewing newly arrived employees to ensure no recruitment-related violations have occurred prior to their mobilization to our work location.


Do recruiters take a cut of the salary?

No, recruiters are strictly forbidden from taking any compensation from candidates. The only compensation allowed for a staffing agency is that stated in the agency agreement between the agency and KRH.

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