What is employment immigration compliance?

This refers to the activities that each employer must do and documents that must be maintained in order to ensure that the employment process is in full compliance to local immigration laws and that each employee is able to work legally in Kuwait (or whatever Host Country may be), without issues to the employee or the employer.

What is a common immigration compliance risk?

A common immigration compliance risk is delaying the renewal of an employee’s work permit or residency, thus leaving the employee without a legal status in the country, not to mention if the employee goes to work while he is out of status.

What is a compliance issue at work?

A compliance issue that is common at work for some employers is the delay in paying employees’ salaries, or, even worse, not paying them at all for extended periods of time, while continuing to require them to work every day as usual. This exposes the employee to a “Trafficking in Persons” situation that is created by the employer’s lack of commitment to immigration and labor laws.

What is the compliance checklist?

The compliance checklist could contain, but is not limited to, the following items:

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