Why invest in employee training

Employee training is a big investment in KRH’s future as it enables the company to fulfil its role in supporting our business partners with the highest calibre and most skilled employees. New skills are added to the staff through function-based training, while soft skills training enables a better working environment for higher performance.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement is the set of activities done to ensure all employees are truly involved in their work environment and aware of the overall goals, and actively participating in the efforts to realize those goals as an active member of the team. 

Why employee engagement is important

An engaged employee is 10 times more productive as he or she prides themselves with ownership of the vision and active participation towards the realization of the company’s overall goals.

How to improve employee engagement

Improving employee engagement starts with a constant flow of relevant information that provides the employee with enough knowledge about where the company is today, and where it is planning to move to tomorrow, and the methods, techniques and resources it plans to utilize to get to those aspired areas. Providing knowledge is then complimented with engagement activities that enable a full-scale engagement.

Employee engagement activities

Activities that employees need to do, once they have acquired the required knowledge about the company’s current and future status, in order to help with the realization of the company’s goals.

How to improve employee performance

Employee performance is improved with many methods, techniques and tools, such as Training, working in teams, getting involved in specific cross-functional teams for the implementation of certain projects, and so on.

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