What documents are employers required to keep

In order to open a Labor file, employers need to present a list of documents including the project to be executed, the Commercial Registration documents, Authorized Signatory and log the positions required online.

What documents are required for employee payroll

Employees obtain an offer letter when still in their home country and are given an Employment Agreement when they reach Kuwait. Once the employee is in Kuwait, the Onboarding program takes care of the necessary steps needed to register the employee in the Payroll system of KRH.

How long should employees’ files be kept?

Employee files should be kept for at least 6 years after they have departed Kuwait.

Do employee files need to be locked up?

Yes, employee files need to be kept within limited access by HR or other authorized Auditing agencies and parties.

Can employees request and see their HR files?

Yes, if an employee has a specific request to review or update the content of his employment file, he/she can do so with the help of a Human Resources Representative.

What is legally required in a personnel file

The minimum requirements in a personnel file are:

Does an employer have to give you a copy of your contract?

Yes, absolutely, the employer must provide the employee with a copy of the Employment Agreement that is in Arabic, English and in the native language of the employee as well.


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