What are the benefits of hiring locally?

Local recruiting has its pros and cons. Among the benefits of hiring required human capital locally, is the following:


How much does it cost to hire a local recruiting company?

-       KRH has its own recruiting team that is utilized for all local and overseas recruiting as well. 

-       In case of local recruiting, our team does the job from A to Z. 

-       In case of overseas recruiting, our hub of affiliated staffing agencies across many countries collaborate with our team in the sourcing process, while our team assures the Quality of each step.


Pros and cons of local recruiting




Why do companies prefer local candidates?

Companies usually prefer hiring that provides them with the required talents, skills and qualifications.


What is the process of local recruiting?

The process of local recruiting revolves around finding the most adequate talented and qualified candidates to fill the positions required for the respective projects we at KRH are implementing for our clients, using only the local market as our main resource.

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