What is a facility inspection checklist?

It is a list of all the areas that will be inspected, including its sub-areas and could extend to cover the items included in each area. 


How is a facility inspection conducted?

  • A facility inspection is conducted by going through the inspection checklist and physically verifying the operational status of an appliance or the condition of a building or service.
  • Defects found are registered and Work Orders are immediately raised to resolve the issue.
  • Generally, an inspection includes All common/shared areas, then extends to some or all of the housing units, in addition to all the external areas that are attached to the facility, such as parking spaces or basements.


What are the types of safety inspection?

A Safety inspection is either internal or external

  • Internal inspections are conducted by Facilities Management staff, to implement either Regular Safety checks that take place on a daily basis.
  • External inspections are conducted by either the client occupying a specific facility, or by the local Government to assure Safety, Security and Compliance to specifications of manpower housing.

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