What is included in periodic maintenance service?

In a periodic maintenance of a facility, the following are the main items checked:

  • Air conditioners
  • Water boilers
  • Smoke detectors
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Elevators
  • Electric appliances
  • Lighting and light bulbs
  • Plumbing and water leakages
  • Condition of walls (in terms or paint and moisture).
  • Overall condition of doors
  • Overall condition of furniture
  • All common/shared areas of any building (such as Gym, Swimming Pool, Dining Facility, etc.).
  • Surveillance systems
  • Any external areas that belong to the building (such as parking spaces).


What are the benefits of periodic maintenance?

  • It keeps facilities at top shape.
  • Enables fast restoration of operational condition of any damaged item.
  • Enables the analysis of repeated malfunctions or damages to specific buildings in order to identify any trends and design the overall Maintenance Plan accordingly.


What is the difference between periodic and out of cycle maintenance?

  • Periodic maintenance is pre-planned at set intervals, aiming to conduct regular routine maintenance that is aimed at assuring the operational condition of a building, with all its premises.
  • Out-of-Cycle maintenance is an activity taken to address a specific issue that has emerged, denoting a specific damage or malfunction, which requires a special and immediate attention to resolve it (such as a Water Boiler or AC that stops functioning and might require repair or replacement)

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