What is Project Staffing

Project staffing is all the activities KRH Human Resources take to source adequately qualified employees for the respective projects awarded to us. It includes local and overseas recruiting, deployment to the country where the project is being implemented and maintenance of the full employment life cycle, until the employee eventually is separated from KRH.


What is the importance of staffing?

Staffing is the tool that starts any KRH project that is built in providing manpower. Proper and timely staffing enables KRH to deliver the rest of its services (Sponsorship, Housing, Transportation and Camps Operations)


What are staffing requirements in project management

Staffing requirements vary from one project to the other. It could be purely vocational (like carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc.), or vary to include administrative positions such as Admin. Assistants, Quality Auditors, etc. 

It could also vary according to the sector in which the project at hand is being executed. 


How do you do Project Staffing (Process of Staffing)

Project staffing undergoes the following main steps:


Factors affecting staffing

Staffing is usually affected by several factors such as:

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