What are the different types of visa sponsorships in Kuwait?

In Kuwait, there’s a Temporary Visit Visa, known as “Commercial Visit Visa (14C)”, which enable the visitor to conduct work for a limited period of time. However, if the visitor will need to be working in Kuwait for a longer period of time (more of a permanent nature, he will processed for a Work Visa, known as Visa 18. Additionally, there are other types of visas for Family Sponsorship, Home Maids and Ministry of Defense visas


What is the eligibility for getting a sponsorship visa in Kuwait?

If a candidate succeeds in obtaining a valid employment offer from a Kuwaiti employer, the latter will begin the procedures of sponsoring the former in Kuwait, with a Visa 18 (Permanent Work Visa). However, if the expat will only be visiting for a temporary period of time, he will be also sponsored by a Kuwaiti entity for a temporary Commercial Visit Visa, known as 14C.


What documents are required to obtain a sponsorship visa in Kuwait?

Usually, ID documents, educational qualifications, medical check and police clearance, in addition to recent photos, are the minimum documents required for a Kuwaiti company/sponsor to begin the procedures of sponsoring an expat whether on a temporary basis (visa 14C), or on a permanent basis (visa 18).


How will KRH help in obtaining, approving and processing the above documents for sponsorship?

KRH has a full-fledged department with highly experienced staff that undertakes the process from A-Z. Once KRH Sponsorship team is informed of a visa requirement (whether a temporary Visa 14C or a permanent Visa 18), they will communicate with the candidate to guide him/her every step of the way, until the visa is issued and sent back to the candidate, to carry with him/her prior to boarding the flight to Kuwait.


What are the stages of obtaining a sponsorship visa (from application to meet and greet)?

The steps are:


What is a work visa and an iqama?


What is an employment offer to obtain a work visa?


What are the requirements from both sides (the employer and the employee) to obtain a sponsorship?

o   Educational qualifications required for the position applied for

o   ID documents

o   Clear Medical records

o   Police clearance from the home country

What is the role of the Ministry of Social Affairs & Labor in obtaining a sponsorship?

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor undertakes the following responsibilities:

What is the role of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in obtaining a work visa?

 What is the role of the Kuwaiti Embassy in obtaining a work visa?

When a candidate has obtained an employment offer, the Kuwaiti Embassy must check the following for correctness and accuracy:

Once that is checked and verified, it is mailed back to the candidate to continue the processing of his/her visa.


What is the role of the Ministry of Interior in obtaining a work permit and NOC?


What is an NOC?


Medical Examinations before entry to Kuwait?


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